There’s no denying that SMS text messaging has been a tremendous success. With hundreds of millions of SMS users worldwide, it makes sense that NEC is looking to cash in on what it hopes will be the next-generation of the short messaging service.

NEC demonstrated their “Bubble Talk” technology at NXTcomm in Las Vegas and it sounds like it could gather a decent audience. Bubble Talk is essentially a voice SMS message that allows users to send short voice-recordings to compatible handsets in the same way that they send SMS text messages.

The Bubble Talk technology is reportedly integrated so that sending a Bubble Message (?) is as seamless (and possibly more convenient) as sending out a text message. Seven carriers are apparently on board with the problem, and NEC is in talks to bring their Bubble Talk tech to other carriers.

Will Bubble Talk manage to gain traction against SMS text messages? There’s a certain level of comfort and ease associated with the kind of faceless and voiceless interaction that text-based messaging allows. Can Bubble Talk convince users that voice-messages are just as convenient and comfortable?