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Thread: AppDialer-T9 Makes Searching for Apps Easy and Fast

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    Post AppDialer-T9 Makes Searching for Apps Easy and Fast

    Applications for Android have come a long way. Gone are the days where there were only one or two good choices to accomplish a certain, relatively obscure task. Games have certainly improved dramatically, and productivity applications seem to gain new functionality at a breakneck pace. This increase in application availability coupled with increased device storage has resulted in many smartphone users accumulating well over 100 installed applications.
    With so many applications installed, it often becomes laborious to scroll through various pages to find exactly the app you had in mind. However, a new application can help streamline things with a few clicks of a virtual T9 pad.

    The application is called AppDialer-T9. Its premise is quite simple. It opens a quick search box, where users can search for their applications. Instead of the usual keyboard, a T9 keyboard is included to make finding apps as easy as clicking a few buttons. This can be wildly helpful for people who have and use a lot of applications.

    AppDialer-T9′s main function is lightning fast app search, but it also has some other functions. It keeps track of which applications you use the most, and puts them in order of usage frequency. You can also search apps by vendor or by name. So no matter how you search, you’ll find the application you’re looking for.

    This app probably won’t be helpful if you “only” have a few dozen applications currently installed. People with such a sparse selection of installed apps can readily open the app drawer and swipe a couple pages over in the same time it would take to launch the app. However, if you’re a power user with a whole boat load of apps, this can make task launching much easier and faster than looking through app drawers. Users have had nothing but good things to say about the application, and it has amassed an impressive 4.7 rating in the Google Play Store. There aren’t many options for quick app searching, but this is one of the best currently available.

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    AppDialer T9 Makes Searching for Apps Easy and Fast

    I just got a new update to my EVO 4G. Anyone know what the changes are or where I can a find a review of the changes?

    Thanks for your time,

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