Tethering is a process that allows you to share your iPhone's Internet connection with another device, such as a computer or laptop. The iPhone requires a bolt-on tethering package from the network operator in order to share its cellular data connection. The handset can then be tethered to a computer either through its USB cable or by pairing it using Bluetooth wireless connectivity.



Acquire a suitable tethering package from your iPhone network operator.

Launch the Settings application on the iPhone by tapping its icon on the home screen.

Select the "General" option, followed by "Network."

Tap the "Internet Tethering" button, and then slide the "Internet Tethering" switch to "ON."

Connect the iPhone to the computer or laptop using its USB cable. Alternatively, search for nearby Bluetooth devices on the computer by opening its Bluetooth controller application and selecting "Search for Bluetooth devices." Select the iPhone from the list of devices discovered during scanning. If requested, enter the PIN shown on the iPhone's screen to pair the two devices. The computer will detect the iPhone as a new network once either connection has been made.

Allow the computer to connect to the iPhone through any firewalls or security software. The iPhone will automatically begin sharing its Internet connection with the computer.

Tips & Warnings

Checking your email on the computer is a good way to test the tethered Internet connection without using too much data.

Computers use a lot more data than the iPhone, so be careful not to exceed the allotted amount in the tethering package and incur extra costs.