Nokia Lumia 800 game: Parachute Panic review

Parachute Panic on the Nokia Lumia 800 is as simple and addictive as smartphone gaming gets. With its charming hand drawn graphics, easy to pick-up gameplay and near perfect difficulty level, it makes a great way to stay amused on your Windows Phone.

Harking back to the glory days of Snake, Parachute Panic on the Nokia Lumia 800 is deceptively simple in its presentation. With its child-like graphics and basic tap/swipe gameplay it’s easy to be fooled into thinking this will be an easy game, but once you get started it proves a far more challenging effort.

The aim of the game is simple; a plane flies across the top of the screen and drops parachutists into the sky, which you then have to guide safely to their landing spot on the large cruise ships below. However, with hazards such as sharks, UFO’s and helicopters, you must act fast to avoid their doom.

As your parachutists fall, you have to tap them to open their parachute. Then, with a quick swipe in the right direction, you can create gusts of wind to push them the right way and let them land safely onto their ships. Fail to tap or swipe at the right time and your skydiver plummets to his death.

When hazards such as UFO’s or helicopters appear, you must tap them repeatedly to destroy them and keep your parachutists safe. And any time you see a stork or ‘doodler’ fly across the screen, you can also tap them quickly, to win extra points and add new lives to your regiment of brave parachutists.

Despite such simple gameplay, Parachute Panic on the Nokia Lumia 800 can be a surprisingly fraught and addictive affair, full of action and requiring you to think and act fast. And with the great pencil-sketch graphics and humorous soundtrack, it is also one of the most charming and fun games you can play.

The only downside to Parachute Panic is the slight repetitiveness of the gameplay. While certainly great fun in small doses, the simple drop, tap and swipe control can get a little stale if you play for too long, making this a game that is much better suited to shorter bouts than extended gaming sessions.

With that said, Parachute Panic is still a classic for your Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone and shouldn’t be missed. It is a great throwback to the glory days of basic, yet addictive, gaming from the 80’s and 90’s and thanks to the Lumia’s gorgeous 3.7-inch ClearBlack screen it also looks fantastic.

You can play Parachute Panic for free on the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone now by downloading the free trial from the Windows Phone Marketplace, while the full version is available for just £2.29.