MetroPCS has just announced new rate plans for its 4G LTE customers. The purpose of the plans is to make things less confusing for customers to get what they want and need out of their wireless service. A $60 all you can eat plan for voice, texting and data is available for those who need all 4G all the time, but cheaper options exist for those who want unlimited 4G but donít need to use much throughout a certain period.

You can pay $50 to get unlimited everything, but with data slowing down after 2.5GB, and $40 for unlimited everything with data being throttled after 500MB. Itís great that MetroPCS isnít forcing its throttling on customers who need more, and giving customers cheaper options if they donít necessarily need a ton of high-speed data.

Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, LG Motion 4G, LG Connect 4G and more are all available with these plans at some pretty nice prices. Head to MetroPCSí website to check out the selection, and bask in the glory of having some awesome 4G smartphone plans without having to pay inflated costs.