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Alien Blue Reddit Client for iPad Gets a Huge Update

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Alien Blue, a popular Reddit client for the iPad, has received a huge update bringing numerous new features including a new canvas, TV-out support, optimal album view, moderation tools, and more.

Alien Blue for iPad is the natural evolution of Reddit for a large touchscreen device. It is feature packed, and designed to let you interact with Reddit like never before.

* Retina Graphics for the New iPad
* Sliding navigation to quickly browse posts and subreddits.
* Discover subreddits by topic & interest
* Thumbnail previews for links inside comments
* Night mode option for very low backlight and reduced contrast.
* Four color themes
* Ability to search Reddit's archive of posts
* Manage your subreddits (including Subscribing and Grouping)
* Add / Create Posts (and Self Threads)
* Multiple / Novelty Account Support
* One-Tap Imgur Integration when posting (and when commenting)
* One-Tap Quoting
* One-Tap to "View All Images" in comments
* Large buttons for embedded links
* "Orange Envelope" notifications from your Reddit inbox while you browse.
* Post, and edit your comments
* Exclude posts based on keywords
* Easily identify which comments are made from the Post creator. This is especially developed for AMA and AskReddit style threads.
* Collapsable comments
* Hide-All feature. Get fresh results every time. (syncs automatically with your hidden posts on the Reddit server).

What's New In This Version:
New Features:
- Brand new Canvas/Image galleries
- Optimal Album view
- Canvas support for GIFs and Videos
- Slideshow with Autoplay (also supports GIFs & Videos)
- Canvas now supports TV-Out/Apple TV and takes full advantage of your TV's viewing area
- Support for Canvas inside comment threads
- Clipboard detection for Reddit links

Moderation Tools:
- Ability to approve/remove posts
- Ability to approve/remove comments
- Template-based messages & comments to notify posters of moderation activity
- Full iCloud backup & sync of moderator templates across iOS devices
- Access to Mod Queue, Removed and Reported posts
- Subject line is now available in Mod Mail
- Tapping on a Mod-mail notification will now take you straight to your Mod inbox

- Ability to view high-resolution images on older devices
- Ability to view large GIFs in optimal mode
- YouTube videos now load with zero clutter and play automatically
- Improved stability for albums with multiple GIFs
- Improved performance and memory handling for YouTube playback
- Canvas now supports top/new/controversial sorting
- Canvas now supports searching
- Canvas images will require a tap to protect from spoilers
- Tapping an Image/GIF in Optimal allows full dimension TV/Out
- Optimal switch now remembers your preference based on content type (gifs, videos, articles etc.)
- Ability to choose Instapaper Mobilizer, Readability, or Alien Blue's native layout for reformatting articles
- Added ability to save/share individual album photos
- Triple-tap header bars to switch between day/night mode
- Added support for sharing via Tumblr
- UI improvements to comments header bar
- Revised UI for switching post order
- Revised UI for searching posts
- Ability to order search results by number of comments
- Minor UI improvements to Inbox screen (major revisions coming soon)
- Faster launch times
- /u/ links are now displayed natively inside Alien Blue
- Added highlight and confirmation around comment deletion
- Subreddit sidebar now presents links to threads and other subreddits natively
- Added ability to copy a permalink for a comment to clipboard

- Fixed: Comments occasionally displaying an empty space where the text should be
- Fixed "Image not found" errors on some Imgur links
- Fixed: Posts/comments not scrolling to the top when tapping status bar
- Fixed: Link to another comment inside the same post/thread not working
- Fixed: Rotation quirks (causing stretched text in comments)
- Fixed: Duplicate items appearing in Canvas
- Fixed: Typing a subreddit manually attempts to autocorrect
- Fixed: API cookie issue when switching accounts
- Fixed: Browser times out while loading large albums
- Fixed: Photos/GIF occasionally causing optimal switch to rapidly move backward and forward
- Fixed: Occasional crashes when manually clearing cache
- Fixed: Image cache not routinely clearing
- Fixed: HTML characters rendering incorrectly in canvas titles
- Fixed: Potential crash when rendering posts on non-retina devices
- Fixed: Switching to Night/day mode occasionally causes some comments to be in the wrong color
- Fixed: Facebook sharing
- Fixed: Evernote sharing

Optimal Browser Additions:
- DeviantArt
- SoundCloud
- Memedad
- Livememe
- Popular comic sites (XKCD, SMBC, C&H, Dilbert etc)
- Flickr
- Instagram

You can purchase Alien Blue for iPad from the App Store for $3.99.

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