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  1. Price tags hung on Sony Xperia U and Xperia P

    Sony announced two new smartphones at the MWC this year, part of the Xperia NXT lineup the affordable Xperia U and the high-end Xperia P. Today we got their prices for you.

    The youthful Xperia U is going to cost 259. As you should probably know already it will come with two exchangeable bottom plastic caps depending on the main color. The white Xperia U has white and yellow bottom covers, ...
  2. is now

    Not really a surprise but its worth noting that just like the brand Sony Ericsson, its website is no longer in existence. Entering that URL now directs you to a brand new website:

    Sony has completely revamped the site and it looks nothing like the old one. Along with a new design and navigation you would also notice that the number of products on ...
  3. Sony Xperia S gets in front of our camera

    Now the Sony Xperia S is on our home turf. Its a huge leap forward compared to Sony Ericsson phones its all dual-core processors, 12MP still shots and FullHD videos.

    We had a bit of free time, so dragged the Xperia S right in our studio for a quick hands-on video.

    The Sony Xperia S (along with the US-centric Ion) is the most powerful Sony Mobile phone (formerly Sony Ericsson) to date, with two 1.5GHz Scorpion cores, Adreno 220 GPU and 1GB of RAM.

  4. Sony LT22i Nypon to be marketed as Xperia P

    Just a week ago the Indonesian equivalent for the American FCC posted the retail name of the Sony's ST25i Kumquat a.k.a. Xperia U. Today we find another retail name in there - the LT22i Nypon's.

    Sony LT22i Nypon should be called Xperia P when it is launched. It looks just like the Xperia S, but is based on NovaThor U8500 chipset and its screen and camera are less impressive than the Xperia S ones.

  5. CES 2012: Sony overview


    CES 2012 marks the end of Sony Ericsson and the birth of Sony as a leading smartphone maker. The first two Ericsson-free smartphones are the AT&T-bound Xperia ion and the international Xperia S (previously known as Nozomi) and they both look worthy of the occasion.

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