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  1. New Google Maps adds iPad, Android tablet versions

    Google has updated its Maps app, rolling the new-ness out now to Android devices and coming soon to Apple portables. Aside from a few new features, Maps will sport tablet-optimized versions for the iPad and Android slates.

    One of the most helpful additions in this most recent update is intelligent re-routing based on current traffic conditions. According to Google's blog post:

    "In addition to current traffic conditions, we've added two new features to help you ...
  2. T-Mobile lets customers upgrade phones twice a year

    T-Mobile is making a bid to become the wireless world's "un-carrier," rolling out a plan that will let users update their phones up to twice a year for a modest fee.

    That's a sharp departure from the traditional model for wireless companies, which usually requires customers to complete a two-year contract before they can get a new smartphone at the discounted rate that makes them affordable.

    "At some point, big wireless companies made a decision for you ...
  3. 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook hits Canadian carriers for $350

    The ill-fated BlackBerry PlayBook recently got a new sibling in the form of the 4G LTE model that, apart from the data connectivity, also brought a faster 1.5GHz dual-core processor.


    We reported back then that the tablet was supposed to go on sale in Canada sometime this month, and it has now hit retail. The 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook can now be purchased on Bell and Rogers ...
  4. Latest BlackBerry 10 SDK now available for developers

    The second in a line series of SDK releases for BB10 has been released, allowing developers to now upload apps to the BlackBerry 10 App World.


    After a Dev App has been uploaded to App World, it is available for download to other developers, who can try it out on the BlackBerry developer alpha unit released by RIM a few months back.

    The new SDK version includes ...
  5. Sony creates a flexible 9.9-inch OLED screen with WhiteMagic-like matrix

    Sony showcased a flexible 9.9″ OLED screen at SIDs Display Week 2012. The screen is just a prototype for now and wasnt even physically present at the event they just showed a video of it.


    Sony said We have just made the panel and did not have time to evaluate its reliability for bringing it out, but even so it is a realistic choice for volume production of ...
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