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  1. Native panorama app for Lumia 800 just around the corner

    The Nokia Lumia 800 has one of the most solid cameras in the Windows Phone realm (or at least until the HTC Titan II comes out). However, this doesn’t mean Nokia is done improving it or has already moved on – in fact, the company just confirmed that there’s a cool new feature coming up for it.

    The news came from the personal Twitter account of Damian Dinning – the head of the Nokia camera ...
  2. Demystifying the new iPad name

    The new iPad launch event was more or less what everyone expected. The air was so thick with rumors before the launch that almost nothing that was announced managed to surprise anyone. Except that one thing that no one saw coming, and that was a new name. Almost everyone and his dog was betting on the new iPad being called the iPad 3 and as such a lot of people were actually disappointed that it wasn’t called that (never mind the fact that it makes absolutely no different to the product at all). ...
  3. CyanogenMod disables default root access with CyanogenMod 9

    Up until now, CyanogenMod ROMs were released with root access available by default. But this had become a cause for concern over time; making root access available meant giving apps complete access to your device and thus putting yourself at a security risk.

    So in order to take care of this situation, the CyanogenMod team has decided to disable root access over USB from CyanogenMod 9 onwards. ...
  4. New Apple iPad hands-on video is ready, check it out

    As you know, yesterday we welcomed the new iPad in our office and we are already hard at work putting Apple’s latest and greatest slate through its paces.

    To make the wait until the full review is complete easier to bear, we gave you an overview of our first impressions, garnished with live shots on the device and camera samples yesterday, and now we have something else for you – a hands-on video. ...
  5. Qualcomm provides Adreno 2xx GPU binaries for Android 4.0

    One of the problems with porting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich over to old Snapdragon S1 based devices, such as the Nexus One and the HTC HD2, is the lack of GPU binaries. Because of this, initial releases of ICS ROMs for these devices did not support GPU-accelerated UI.

    Later, however, developers figured out a way to enable GPU acceleration on these devices but the performance was still ...
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