Although Google and Apple have good Stock of apps and they are running the world in terms of Smartphones and apparently the Windows phone seems to be sidelined but the Windows phone are also doing good. Microsoft got the credit for providing user friendly platform. Here we are going to tell you some Windows OS apps available at the Windows store.
Daily Dashboard: the app will help you to organize your things related to daily tasks. The app provides a calendar and gives a daily summary. Clicking on the app will launch the full app that will contain complete list of appointments, meetings, locations and contact numbers. Many other options are also available. The app costs £1.49.
Battery Pro +: Battery Pro+ is a free app that will give you ability to check out which background apps are draining the battery and how to conserve battery, it gives a complete detail and exact time left before the battery juice will end. It also aware you about the battery usage in last 48 hours.
6tag: it is a fully featured instagram app with attractive and intuitive interface. The interface gives a feel of official app. It enables the user to filter and make capable of sharing. The app is free to download.
Bing Weather: the app keeps you aware of weather updates in true meaning. It provides hourly and day wise updates of weather and also the weather maps of particularly selected area. The app provides a live tile to give an easy quick access. You can also see radar maps to watch out weather systems. The app is free to get.
Active Fitness: the app gives you a social network as well a great motivator to keep you healthy and gives incentives to stay healthy. Through the social networking part you can compare and compete with your friends on leaderboard and can observe the activities like walking, hiking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and much more. This is a free app too.
Where’s My Water 2: the Where’s my Water is a really interesting and addictive game with cuto graphics. The game is all about solving puzzles and filling the crocodile’s bath with water. You will have to keep acidic goo and traps away from bath. The game is a nice time pass and free to ply.
GeoPhoto: GeoPhoto is a really interesting app. It keeps the track record of your all pictures and gives the exact location where the snap has been taken by using EXIF data. It can plot the images on the map. You can even check where you are and how much away from the loacation by foot and by car. It’s a great app for the people who like to travel a lot and want revisit places they liked the most.
Lock Buster: the app costs £1.29. the app enables you to make collages and custom images if you love to customize your device. You can use the customized images as background of home screen. the app can choose images from galleries and can make new patterns every time you unlock your device.