When getting the SAMSUNG Nexus S 4G with Sprint for the first time, you will need to activate the phone. This simple guide covers how to activate your Nexus S 4G by listing the basic steps you’ll go through. For the most part this activation process is completely intuitive and self explanatory, but we have decided to write this guide just in case.
You should probably ensure you have full charged your Nexus S 4G battery before turning your device on and following any of these steps.

Steps To Activate with Sprint

  1. Full charge and turn your device on.
  2. Upon unlocking the screen a Google Android character will appear that you need to touch.
  3. Hit the “Activate” button on the bottom, right of the display.
  4. Wait for progress bar to finish loading.
  5. If successful, will display confirmation. You will now have to wait anywhere from one to 15 minutes for your Sprint coverage to full begin.

    If failed, you can hit “Try again” button and repeat above steps.


We have also included some screenshots of this process to help you visualize what’s happening: