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Motorola Q Alternative to using RSD General

Motorola Thread, Motorola Q Alternative to using RSD General in Premium Zone; Motorola Q Alternative to using RSD General What do you need: 1 - CDMA Workshop 3.x.x , 2.7, or QPST ...
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    Smile Motorola Q Alternative to using RSD General

    Motorola Q Alternative to using RSD General

    What do you need:
    1 - CDMA Workshop 3.x.x , 2.7, or QPST
    2 - HW Virtual Serial Port
    3 - Moto Q
    4 - Q Tools Folder - Click Here(q9c alltel data and mms not working | Windows Phone Forums)

    I am not going over how to flash the Q. Just another method to use instead of using RSD General.

    * Now if you don't have a Verizon Q you need to find your SPC. If you don't want to go through this please listen up. You are going to need the Verizon Monster File. You will have to do the following steps.

    Download RSD General if you don't already have it.

    Now once you have downloaded RSD General you need the Verizon Monster File.

    You need to put the Q in Bootloader Mode. Do this by pulling out the battery and holding "a" and the "enter/return" button. Thats the one with the <--' It looks kinda like that... =// =o =8
    And then put the battery back in while holding these buttons and if you have done this the right way, unlike me the first time, (DUMB /\$$$), you will see, "Motorola Flash Mode".

    Then go ahead and choose the update button thing and load the Verizon Monster File.
    Just follow the instructions on the screen and you should be fine. Oh and don't worry if you brick your phone the first time cuz u screwed up like me. Its okay we are all neebies at heart. Well atleast by saying that it makes me feel better so just go along with it.

    A N Y W A Y S

    Once that is done your SPC should now be "000000"

    Okay so I wanted to flash the Q without using RSD General to flash it. Obviously you have to use RSD General if it is a sprint and you dont know how to get the SPC. But continue to read the tutorial.

    Go to start / run / then if on XP type "command" if on Vista or W7 i believe its "CMD"

    once you are there type: ipconfig /all

    Look for Windows Based Device blah blah and look for "DHCP Server" remember that address

    Okay so now open HW Virtual Serial Port.

    click on login, the default pass should already be typed in so leave that one alone. trust me from experience.

    Now credit goes to GHOSTYAIRO & incognito53 From for helping me how to figure this part out.

    *** GHOST *** It worked...YAY

    <<< Virtual Serial Port Tab >>>

    Com = 8 or what ever else you want it to be

    IP Address = The one that I said to remember goes here.

    Port = 13000
    With " External NVT Commands Port" Checked "_/ " Thats supposed to be a check OKAY =( & Port 13000 as well.

    <<< Settings Tab >>>

    Log Enabled = Checked

    Connect to Device even if Virtual COM is closed = Checked

    THATS IT NOTHING ELSE!!! If there is something else checked please uncheck it.

    <<< Advanced >>>
    By Default "Local Machine" should be checked. If not check it.

    Once all this is done go ahead and click on "Create COM" and thats it you have connected the

    Ok now there is no need to put the phone in Diagnostic Mode or anything. Just make sure that you have active sync on your PC. Sync and go on to the flashing.


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